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Why miniDOT?

The miniDOT logger is a completely submersible instrument that logs dissolved oxygen and temperature measurements. The oxygen sensor is an optode that measures dissolved oxygen concentration in water through a fluorescence method. Data are recorded to an internal SD card. Operation of the miniDOT logger such as setting the time and sample interval can be accomplished via the USB cable.

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The miniDOT logger measures dissolved oxygen in water and is completely self contained. It includes an optical DO sensor, a temperature sensor, batteries and a micro SD memory card. The logger collects measurements of dissolved oxygen with an accuracy of +/- 5% and temperature to +/- 0.1 degrees C. All measurements are stored internally. Data can be offloaded to a computer via the miniDOT USB cable. Temperature range is 0 to 30 degrees C with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 degrees C. Oxygen range is 0 to 150% saturation with an accuracy of +/- 10 umole/L.

Stable calibration
Records time, date, and battery voltage
Anti-fouling available

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